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Funeral Home
In Memoriam Belgrade

To assuage the difficult moments of the families of deceased following the loss, we offer the organization of funerals and cremations, funeral supplies, as well as deceased transportation (50 RSD/km) in Belgrade, Serbia and abroad. Our experienced and professional staff will take care of all the details about funeral organization so that you can dedicate yourself to your family and friends who come to share the pain of losing a loved one.

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  • Gathering all the necessary documentation
  • Death certificate
  • Scheduling funeral or cremation
  • Death notification on websites and in the daily press
  • Regulating the payment of funeral expenses and arrears of pensions from the Pension and Disability Insurance Fund
  • Refrigerating the deceased body from the moment you call us to the day of burial or cremation
  • Organizing funerals or cremations by religious customs
  • Deceased transportation in the country and abroad by funeral vehicles
  • Sale of funeral supplies - a large selection
  • Stone cutting services
  • Embalming the deceased

Organization of
funerals or cremations

In Memoriam funeral home provides its funeral services for all Belgrade cemeteries in the PUC funeral services direction or for any suburban cemetery in the country and abroad when scheduling a funeral or cremation.

At all city cemeteries, we can arrange scheduling a funeral or cremation, buying a tomb, a columbarium place. We also provide transport to all city cemeteries (50 RSD/km): New Cemetery, New Bežanija Cemetery, Lešće, Old Bežanija Cemetery, Banjica Cemetery, Topčider Cemetery, Central Cemetery and Orlovača and Zbeg Cemeteries.

Deceased transportation

Another service offered by In Memoriam funeral home is deceased transportation (50 RSD/km) a large number of countries in the region and Europe: Montenegro, Kosovo and Metohija, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Croatia, Slovenia, Macedonia, Italy, Germany, Austria, Switzerland, France, the Netherlands, Hungary, Norway, Sweden, Denmark, Spain, Portugal, Russia, Greece, Slovakia, the Czech Republic… We also transport the deceased from Serbia abroad.

The deceased is transported by Hyundai H1 and Chrysler funeral vehicles (cars, 50 RSD/km) which are specially equipped for that purpose. In addition to road transport, we also provide air transportation of the deceased to all continents, as well as sending the remains by express mail.

Deceased transportation

Funeral supplies

In Memoriam funeral home offers a large selection of top quality funeral equipment, such as: caskets (poplar, beech, oak), tin casket inserts, bedding, grave markers, sprays, wreaths, etc. Also, we offer complete funeral equipment for members of the Islamic religious community.

Funeral supplies catalog

We offer a wide selection of flowers for cemeteries and funerals such as:
sprays, wreaths, bouquets...

Cemetery flowers

You can pay for all our services:

  • In cash with discount on supplies
  • By reducing costs by the PIO fund amount
  • Citizens' checks in 6 monthly installments without interest
  • Attachment of earnings in up to 12 monthly installments without interest
  • By reimbursing costs from trade union funds and associations
  • By reimbursing costs from the insurance policy