Deceased transportation

Deceased transportation, Funeral Transportation

Serbia, Kosovo and Metohija, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Croatia, Montenegro, Slovenia, Macedonia, Italy, Germany, Austria, Switzerland, France, Netherlands, Hungary, Norway, Portugal, Russia, Slovakia, Sweden, Spain, Greece, Czech Republic, Denmark .

funeral home In Memoriam d.o.o. also provides services in the form of deceased transportation
from abroad to Serbia, as well as from Serbia to abroad..
We organize the international deceased transportation by road or air.

In Memoriam d.o.o. funeral home transports o the deceased from abroad by funeral vehicles (cars) of the brand:
  • Hyundai H1
  • Chrysler

Also, In Memoriam d.o.o. funeral home transports the deceased to all continents by air, and sends the remains by ems express mail.

In Memoriam d.o.o. funeral home transports the deceased internationally at the following prices:
  • With equipment: 40 rsd/km + tolls in Serbia
  • Without equipment: 80 rsd/km + tolls in Serbia
  • With equipment: 50 rsd/km + tolls abroad
  • Without equipment: 120 rsd/km + tolls abroad
Required documentation for the transport of the deceased across the state border:
  • Passport of the deceased
  • Death certificate
  • Death certificate in international language
  • Certificate of the grave site from the city, the country where the deceased is buried
  • Cover letter issued by the embassy
Our funeral services are available
to you at any time of the day or night.