In case of death

In case of death in the apartment:

1. Call the forensic medicine doctor at the number: 011 / 32-31423
immediately after the call, you can call our call center at: 011 /2334-191
Employees will come immediately upon your call and prepare everything to pick up the deceased
do dolaska until the arrival of a forensic doctor who will issue a death certificate with which the funeral home
employee may continue to schedule a funeral, cremation, or transportation.

In case of death in hospital:

1. Call our call center at: 011 /2334-191
Employees will come immediately upon your call and collect the necessary documentation from the hospital where the person died
to schedule a funeral, cremation or transport.
Further care of the burial and taking over the deceased person is taken over
by the In Memoriam d.o.o.

In case of death abroad:

We need a personal document of the deceased person and accurate information about the place of death given to us by the family.

Funeral services In Memoriam d.o.o. also provides its funeral services in the form of:

  • Making photos
  • Making obituary posters
  • Publication of obituaries in all daily journals
  • Organization of memorial service at most city cemeteries
  • Organization of solo accompaniment
  • Organization of a funeral orchestra
  • Honorary platoon organization
  • Delivery of boiled wheat and accessories for service to your home address
  • Organization of refreshments at the grave site and in front of the chapel
  • Free delivery of food and drinks to the desired address
    for amounts greater than RSD 3000.

You can pay for all funeral expenses:

  • In cash with discount on supplies
  • By reducing costs by the PIO fund amount
  • Citizens' checks in 6 monthly installments without interest
  • Attachment of earnings in up to 12 monthly installments without interest
  • By reimbursing costs from trade union funds and associations
  • By reimbursing costs from the insurance policy

Our funeral services are available to you at any time of the day or night.
You can always call us, we are at your disposal 0-24 every day.

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